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Lapping Compounds

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Compounds for precision and production

Lapping Compounds

From its inception in 1921, the Stutz Company has been exclusively dedicated to solving problems for the metalworking Industries. For more than 75 years, STUTZ abrasive lapping compounds have helped machinists, mechanics, tool and die makers and machine builders create optimal surfaces on machine parts, valve seats, piston rings, gear teeth and other mating surfaces.

Lapping is the only positive way of insuring the optimal fit of two surfaces, whether flat, or contoured. STUTZ abrasive lapping compounds are engineered, formulated and produced for the cutting, smoothing, finishing and polishing of metal surfaces following stock removal techniques such as grinding, milling, boring, honing and EDM machining.

For dependability, ...

Compounds for precision and production

Stutz Lapping Compound

Aluminum Oxide Precision Lapping Powders

Aluminum Oxide Precision Lapping Powder

Microgrit® WCA is an aluminum oxide powder developed and introduced by Micro Abrasives Corporation. It is characterized by platelet shaped particles, each particle being an individual crystallite.
The stringent grading and inspection techniques used at Micro Abrasives Corporation assure uniform size and quality of the particles.

Aluminum Oxide Optical Finishing Powders

Aluminum Oxide Optical Finishing Powder

Microgrit® LPA is a brown aluminum oxide powder sized to fall within the most exacting standards for precision lapping and optical finishing powders. Suspension treatment for water (T) and oil (TO) based vehicles are available.

Cerium Oxide Base Polishing Compounds

Cerium Oxide Base Polishing Compounds

Microgrit® CEO Polishing Compounds are designed to fit the needs of the broad spectrum of polishing, from ophthalmic laboratory to precision optics manufacturing.

For each of the Microgrit® CEO types, the formula is carefully prepared and manufacturing procedures are closely controlled to ensure consistent performance from every batch. All are suspension treated.

Silicon Carbide Powders and Grains

Silicon Carbide Powders and Grains

Microgrit® SIC is a black silicon carbide, water classified to exacting specifications. The closely controlled grading and particle shape result in high cutting rates and uniform finishes.

Sub-micron Aluminum Oxide Polishing Powder

Sub-Micron Aluminum Oxide Polishing Powder

Microgrit® GB Aluminum Oxide Polishing Powders are sub-micron aluminas designed especially for abrasive polishing operations in critical surface preparation. They are particularly effective when used following lapping operations with Microgrit® WCA Precision Powders.

Sub-micron Aluminum Oxide Polishing Powder

Unfused Aluminum Oxide Abrasives

Microgrit® PXA Abrasives are designed for use in the manufacture of polish and buffing compositions, tumbling creams and lapping compounds: both wet and dry tumbling operations and for finish work on metallographic and crystallographic specimens. They are prepared in ceramic lined equipment to eliminate metal contamination and are uniformly white in color. Particle size and absorptive properties are controlled within very close limits.

MICROGRIT® PXA varies by particle size and absorption rates.

Garnet Powders

Garnet Powder

Microgrit® G Garnet powders are produced to exacting sizes using the latest in classification and measurement technology.

White Aluminum Oxide Grains

White Aluminum Oxide Grains

Microgrit® WA is a high purity, friable, white aluminum oxide screened to precise standards.

Alumunum Oxide Powders and Grains

Aluminum Oxide Powder and Grains

Microgrit® A is a blocky aluminum oxide, water classified and closely graded to exacting specifications.

Boron Carbide Powders

Boron Carbide Powder

Microgrit® BC Boron Carbide Abrasives are manufactured from a carbon tetraboride crude having very low free graphite. They are exceptionally clean and closely sized. Their Knoop hardness of around 3000 makes them suitable for such applications as the lapping of drawing dies, extrusion molds, hardened tools, valves and seats, and for lapping of ceramics and minerals which are too hard to be worked with silicon carbide.


Custom Abrasive

While Micro Abrasives Corporation offers one of the most diverse lines of abrasive products many variations on these standard products have proven valuable. Variations in particle size for demanding and special applications are available. You are invited to discuss your special requirements at any time.

Because of Micro Abrasives highly specialized yet flexible equipment setup and its unique experience in the manufacturing of fine abrasive powders, Micro Abrasives Corporation is able to offer true customer service in the preparation of special grade abrasives. Where these may be required for refractors, ceramics, coatings, or any other unusual application for abrasive powders, custom products can be developed and ...

Microgrit SL and Microgrit PLT

Microgrit® SL and Microgrit® PLT Abrasive

These slurries provide the optimum use of the abrasive particles for excellent control of surface finishes and will increase stock removal rates. Microgrit® SL and PLT are designed to work with all of Micro Abrasives products. (WCA, LPA, SIC, BC, G, GB, CEO, PXA, WA, A) and to be compatible with any double or single side lapping or free abrasive machine. They can include rust inhibitors, suspension agents, anti- foam agents or whatever is required.

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