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Phosphates & Related Products

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Iron Phosphate Conversion Coatings

Luster-Fos 1410LF

Luster-Fos 1410LF is a modern three-stage iron phosphate designed for mixed runs of steel, zinc, and aluminum. Luster-Fos 1410LF cleans and produces an excellent pre-paint iron phosphate conversion coating in one operation. It may be applied, by spray or immersion.

Luster-Fos 1430

Luster-Fos 1430 is a powdered iron phosphate designed for economical low-temperature operation. Luster- Fos 1430 simultaneously cleans and produces an iron phosphate conversion coating for steel surfaces.

Manganese Conversion Coatings

Luster-Fos 3100

Luster-Fos 3100 is a liquid, manganese phosphate material primarily designed to establish heavyweight (average 3,000 mg/ft2) absorbent coatings on steel surfaces. The heavy coatings produced by Luster-Fos 3100 provide excellent solid lubrication characteristics for wearing and moving surfaces. Luster-Fos 3100 coatings also may be used as a porous base for liquid lubricants and will provide corrosion resistance in conjunction with oils. Luster-Fos 3100 may be applied by immersion application.

Zinc Phosphate Conversion Coatings

Luster-Fos 2700

Luster-Fos 2700 is a liquid 5 stage, immersion, zinc phosphate material primarily designed to establish heavyweight (1000 to 3000 mg/ft2) absorption coatings on steel surfaces. The heavy coatings produced by Luster-Fos 2700 provide excellent "soak-up" properties for supplemental coatings such as rust preventative oils or waxes. Luster-Fos 2700 can also be applied as a pre-paint treatment. Coating weights in the range of 300 to 600 mg/ft2 are recommended to insure positive corrosion resistance and excellent paint adhesion.

Luster-Fos 2800

Luster-Fos 2800 is a five-stage, liquid zinc phosphate material capable of developing a fine to heavy grain crystal structure on ...

Black Zinc Phosphate

Luster-Fos BPS System

Luster-Fos BPS is a highly acidic liquid material designed to produce a uniform, flat black finish on steel surfaces. BPS is used exclusively as a system in conjunction with heavy zinc phosphate conversion coatings and a rust preventive oil where appearance, durability and corrosion protection are compulsory.

Rust Preventative Oils and Sealers

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