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Rust Preventative Oils and Sealers

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Rust Preventive Oils

Luster-Fos RPO #1

Luster-Fos Rust Preventative Oil #1 is a solvent based, water displacing material that will form thick corrosion resistant films on ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces. It can be used for in-process protection or as a final finish for phosphate or black oxide coatings. Parts may be processed either wet or dry and the resultant film shows superior humidity and salt spray resistance. Since the film is dry and tack-free on phosphate coatings, parts treated with Luster-Fos Rust Preventative Oil #1 may be assembled easily without any sticking or sagging of the protective film. Luster-Fos Rust Preventative Oil #1 is listed on the Ford Approved Source List for Specification ESE-M99P2 1-A Rust Preventative ...

Sealers for Phosphate

Luster-Fos 259A Torque Sealer

259A is a water emulsifiable oil primarily designed to produce a degree of lubricity on metric threaded fasteners which will meet the Torque/Clamping requirements as set forth in Ford Worldwide Standard WZ-100.

Luster-Fos Seal - RoHS, WEEE, and ELV Complaint

Luster-Fos Seal is a trivalent chromate sealer for phosphate coatings. When applied as directed, this sealer provides corrosion resistance over zinc or iron phosphate coatings that is superior to existing hexavalent chromate scalers approved for military applications. Luster-Fos Seal may be used in applications requiring compliance with ELy, RollS, and WEEE directives. Since Luster-Fos seal does not contain any hexavalent ...

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