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Item # 3877, Electrocleaners

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Luster-On 310

The cleaner to select for electrocleaning of ferrous metals prior to electroplating when maximum surface cleanliness is desired. P, NC, Ph, Si.

Luster-On 312

A chelated heavy duty electrocleaner formulated for removal of smut and light soils from ferrous metals. The choice for superior cleaning in hard water areas. P, C, Ph, Si.

Luster-On 3310L

Luster-On 33 IOL is a concentrated liquid formulation designed to be used with 50% Liquid Caustic Soda to produce a heavy duty alkaline electrocleaner similar to Luster-On 312. A non-chelated version is available. L, C, Ph, Si.

Luster-On 325

A modem high performance powdered alkaline cleaner for electctrocleaning of copper and brass. This product may also be used on ferrous metals and is useful in those situations where mixed runs of steel and brass are processed in the same line. P, NC, Ph, Si.

Luster-On 350

A liquid alkaline product designed to electroclean steel at low temperatures. L, C, Ph, Si (= <1%).

Luster-On 730M

Luster-On 730 NI is a non-phosphate heavy duty alkaline electrocleaner formulated for use on ferrous metals and copper. The unique blend of surface-active agents in Luster-On 730NT offers a superior electrocleaner for removal of smut and residues from degreasing or soak cleaning. P, NC, Si.

Luster-On 3623

Luster-On 3623 is a non-phosphated, chelated electrocleaner for multi-metal applications. In addition to electrocleaning operations, Luster-On 3623 may be used for light duty soak cleaning applications, tumble cleaning of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and cleaning buffed nickel prior to chrome plating. L, C, Si.

Luster-on 3623N1

A non-chelated version of Luster-On 3623. P, NC, Si.

P = Powder L = Liquid C = Chelated NC = Not Chelated Ph = Phosphates Si = Silicated

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