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Item # 2040, Grit-o'cobs® Corncob Granules - Fine

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Grit-o'cobs® Has a Long History of Satisfied Customers.
Grit-o'cobs corncob granules have been used in industrial applications for over forty years. There are over thirty different industrial uses for which Grit- o'cobs are regularly employed throughout the world.

Specifications  · How Grit-o'cobs are Processed  · Particle Grades Available  · Advantages of Using Grit-o'cobs  · A Variety of Industrial Applications  · Clean, Dry and Polish Parts With Absorbent  · Soft-Grit Blast-Cleaning  · Blast Cleaning Summary of Benefits  · Production Capacity and Distribution




How Grit-o'cobs are Processed
Grit-o'cobs are the result of sophisticated corncob separation and manufacturing processes using The Andersons' uniquely designed machinery in a patented process. The corncob is separated into three components: pith, chaff and woody ring. Only the very tough woody ring, which has a Mohs hardness of 4.5, is used for Grit-o'cobs. This woody ring fraction is dried, ground, air-cleaned, then graded over screens of various mesh sizes which results in a wide variety of finished grades.

Particle Grades Available
Grit-o'cobs range from granules approximately 1/4" in size to a fine powder-like form. The product grade represents the screens' mesh size used in sizing. For example, 814 Grit-o'cobs are granules which pass through an 8 (per linear inch) mesh screen and are retained on a 14 mesh screen.

Coarse Medium Fine
+8 1420 2040
814   4060
1014   -60

Advantages of Using Grit-o'cobs
  • Highly absorbent and resistant to breakdown
  • Mild abrasive, can be used on soft or hard surfaces without damage
  • Clean, virtually dust free and it's non-toxic
  • 100% organic renewable resource
  • Excellent year-round availability
  • Experienced sales staff
  • Distributed worldwide

A Variety of Industrial Applications
The following industrial uses are listed to provide an overview of the most common applications:
  • Deburring and deflashing
  • Tumbling and vibratory parts cleaning
  • Polishing, drying, removing oil and residue
  • Drumming pelts and fur garments dry cleaning
  • Blasting media for cleaning masonry, wood, fiberglass, electrical equipment, motors and other materials

Clean, Dry and Polish Parts With Absorbent
Grit-o'cobs® has excellent absorbent properties, allowing for the removal of oil, grease and dirt in one operation It produces a clean, dry finish on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and is an excellent way to prepare metal for plating

There is almost no breakdown of the granules during tumbling and it leaves an exceptionally bright finish. It is virtually dust-free and biodegradable, and parts cleaned with Grit-o'cobs® are also free of residue.

Soft-Grit Blast-Cleaning
Grit-o'cobs is also a top quality blasting medium because of its mild abrasiveness, absorbency and resistance to attrition Cell structure of the granules protects the integrity of particles so that dust generation during blasting is very minor. It also traps the substance to be removed thereby helping the cleaning process.

Grit-o'cobs can be safely used to blast-clean motors, generators, heavy equipment, boat hulls, insulators, transformers, and buildings.

Blast Cleaning Summary of Benefits
  • Eliminates masking since it's not harmful to surfaces
  • Eliminates solvents and pollution concerns in disposal
  • It's non-sparking, non-toxic, and virtually dust free
  • Contains no silica, is organic and biodegradable
  • Cleans metal, masonry, wood, glass, plastic, rubber
  • Grit-o'cobs are OSHA and ANSI approved

Production Capacity and Distribution
A wide variety of corncob-based products are produced by The Andersons processing plants in Maumee, Ohio and Delphi, Indiana, in the heart of the midwest corn belt.

Since 1957, The Andersons has processed corncobs for industrial applications and animal litter products. Today, we're the largest corncob producer in the world with an annual minimum capacity of 80,000 tons.


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