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Item # 3866, Electroless Nickel Systems

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Luster-Ni EN 500EF

The Luster-On EN-500EF Electroless Nickel Process is a bright, mid-phosphorous, high-speed, environmentally friendly process designed to produce deposits with a consistently fast rate of deposit. This process features excellent stability and ease of operation, and produces deposits, which are smooth, hard and corrosion resistant. Luster-On EN-500EF is suitable for use on many different substrates including steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper and copper alloys, Titanium, beryllium, nickel alloys and aluminum.

Luster-Ni EN 600

The Luster-NI EN 600 Electroless Nickel Process is a semi-bright, high-speed electroless nickel offering features and advantages similar to the EN 500 Process, but for applications where a semi-bright appearance is desired. The concentrated formulation of replenishers makes this product desirable where economy and ease of operation are at a premium.

Luster-Ni EN 1100

The Luster-Ni EN 1100 Electroless Nickel is a semi-bright, high phosphorous process that produces ductile highly corrosion resistant deposits. This process produces deposits with 10 to 12% phosphorous to provide maximum corrosion protection for engineering applications. The process also features consistent rate of deposition, excellent stability and bath life, and ease of operation.

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