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Lapping Compounds

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From its inception in 1921, the Stutz Company has been exclusively dedicated to solving problems for the metalworking Industries. For more than 75 years, STUTZ abrasive lapping compounds have helped machinists, mechanics, tool and die makers and machine builders create optimal surfaces on machine parts, valve seats, piston rings, gear teeth and other mating surfaces.

Lapping is the only positive way of insuring the optimal fit of two surfaces, whether flat, or contoured. STUTZ abrasive lapping compounds are engineered, formulated and produced for the cutting, smoothing, finishing and polishing of metal surfaces following stock removal techniques such as grinding, milling, boring, honing and EDM machining.

For dependability, uniformity and consistent cutting you need the finest abrasive lapping compounds available today. The results of more than 75 years of continual research and improvement, STUTZ lapping compounds are the best available, anywhere and every time! Use STUTZ abrasive compounds to:
  • Perform efficient stock removal
  • Achieve critical thickness
  • Produce surface flatness
  • Enhance surface finish
The Right Abrasive, Formulation and Packaging for Your Job
Ranging from very coarse to extremely fine, STUTZ abrasive compounds are formulated for maximum production efficiency in specific applications. STUTZ abrasive compounds are available in oil, synthetic and water-based "prescription accurate" formulations.

Aluminum Oxide fused blocky tan grains or white platelets cut slightly slower than silicon carbide but can tolerate higher grinding pressures. Moh's Hardness of 9.0.

Silicon Carbide crystals are hard and sharp for fast cutting on most metals. The crystals break in the lapping process creating more sharp edges for consistent cutting performance. Moh's Hardness 9.5.

Boron Carbide crystals are extremely hard and sharp for excellent performance on even the toughest metals. Boron carbide can often be used instead of diamond pastes for a fraction of the cost, Moh's Hardness 9.7.

STUTZ lapping compounds are consistent from batch to batch and uniformly abrasive from the top of the container to the bottom. We purchase only the finest quality abrasives from ISO 9000 approved manufacturers. Grading is precisely controlled and tested. Grit sizes are FEPA graded and exceed industry standards.
STUTZ compounds are non-caking and can be used directly from the shipping container. A wide range of packaging configurations are available, from 12 oz. jars to 350 gallon totes.

Precisely Matched To Your Production Needs
If one of our many stock compounds or packages is not ideal for your production needs, we'll work with you to develop an affordable custom solution.

Leading The Way In Water-Washable Compounds
Responding to the increasing environmental pressures you face, we are on the leading edge of water-based and water-washable biodegradable compound development. As an added benefit, water-based formulations provide easier cleaning of lapped parts in water and detergent cleaning machines.

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