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Cleaners for Steel and Multi-Metals

Luster-On 1226

Luster-On 1226 is a highly alkaline powdered soak cleaner. This sophisticated cleaning system provides outstanding detergency, emulsification, and dispersion of grease and oils for extended bath life. Luster-On 1226 is excellent for steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, nickel and magnesium. P, NC, Ph, S.

Luster-On 137S

A heavy duty alkaline cleaner specifically formulated for superior cleaning. Superior emulsifying and chelating properties. Excellent detergent and emulsifying properties make Luster-On 137S an economical choice for ferrous metals. P, C, Ph, S.

Luster-On 242

A highly alkaline powdered cleaner designed to clean a variety of metals including steel, ...


Luster-On 310

The cleaner to select for electrocleaning of ferrous metals prior to electroplating when maximum surface cleanliness is desired. P, NC, Ph, Si.

Luster-On 312

A chelated heavy duty electrocleaner formulated for removal of smut and light soils from ferrous metals. The choice for superior cleaning in hard water areas. P, C, Ph, Si.

Luster-On 3310L

Luster-On 33 IOL is a concentrated liquid formulation designed to be used with 50% Liquid Caustic Soda to produce a heavy duty alkaline electrocleaner similar to Luster-On 312. A non-chelated version is available. L, C, Ph, Si.

Luster-On 325

A modem high performance powdered alkaline cleaner for ...

Cleaners for Aluminum

Luster-On 132RW

This mild alkaline material is an excellent aluminum cleaner. It safely removes soils using either a soak and spray application. P, Ph, Si.

Luster-On 401

A non-silicate non etching soak cleaner for aluminum. Its concentrated wetting system, long life and non-silicate formulation make it an economical cleaner to use prior to anodizing, chromating, polishing or etching operations. P, NC, Ph.

Luster-On 416

An alkaline etch type cleaner that produces a uniform matte finish on aluminum and aluminum alloys. P, C.

Luster-On 480

A chromated acidic material for the removal of smut and oxides from aluminum and aluminum alloys. Contains hexavalent ...

Specialty Infinity Cleaners

Luster-On Infinity Prep-L

Infinity Prep "L" is an acidic mixture of mild acids, buffering agents, emulsifiers and surfactants which is suitable for cleaning and deoxidizing a wide variety of metals including copper, copper alloys, aluminum, zinc, nickel, and stainless steel. In some applications, Prep "L" alone can be used to clean, deoxidize and activate metal surfaces. The ability of Prep "L" to remove oxides without attack of the base metal recommend it as a replacement for strong acidic solutions that remove metal, are difficult to work around and to waste treat. L, C.

Luster-On Infinity Prep-N

Infinity Prep N is a neutral pH mixture of emulsifiers, surfactants and buffering agents which is suitable ...

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