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Luster-On Chromate Conversion Coatings - Hexavalent Chromates

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Hexavalent Chromates for Electrodeposited Zinc and Zinc Alloys


Hexavalent Chromates for Galvanized Steel

Luster-On 80

This powdered product is used to produce a clear chromate film on galvanized surfaces that resists staining, discoloration and corrosion.

Luster-On Sealer 505

Sealer 505 is a combination chromate conversion coating and organic polymer which dries to produce a clear, protective film on zinc galvanized and zinc electroplated surfaces. This product is ideal for protection in continuous strip applications. The hard film produced by properly applied Luster-On Sealer 505 provides improved corrosion and abrasion resistance. This material is a dry-on chromate product, resulting in the additional advantage of eliminating the need to treat chrome rinses.

Hexavalent Chromates for Zinc Die-Cast

Luster-On 64M

An economical chromate conversion material for zinc based die-castings, especially Zamak #3. Surfaces can be chemically polished to a bright blue finish. A protective film is also formed that passivates and retards the formation of white corrosion products. The treatment in Luster-On 64M can also be used as preparation of base metal prior to plating.

Luster-On 65

A liquid chromate material for polishing and passivating zinc based die-castings, especially Zamak #5. It may be used as the final finish to prevent the formation of white corrosion products.

Hexavalent Chromates for Cadmium

Luster-On 55-L

A liquid chromate conversion material for cadmium that will produce a bright clear finish. It will also passivate and protect the cadmium plated surface. Luster-On 55-L is a single dip product which does not require a leach.

Luster-On Utility K-50

Easy to use concentrated liquid product that produces a bright attractive, iridescent chromate conversion coating on zinc or cadmium plate and zinc based die castings. The corrosion resistance exceeds the standard salt spray requirements for zinc and cadmium plated surfaces. Clear bright films can also be formed when used with a leach back.

Hexavalent Chromates for Aluminum

Luster-On 224L

A liquid material which produces a chromate conversion coating on aluminum and aluminum alloys. Suitable for both wrought and cast aluminum alloys. Spray or immersion applications produce clear or yellow coatings with excellent corrosion protection at economical cost. The Luster-On 224L solution can be rejuvenated by eliminating contaminants. Luster-On 224L has met the requirements for listing on the Qualified Products List under Mil-C-8 1706 for Ml-C-5541 application.

Hexavalent Chromates for Copper and Copper Alloys

Luster-On Cobra C

A liquid chromate that produces bright attractive surfaces on brass or copper in a single dip operation. It is particularly attractive because of its non-fuming characteristics and for the exceptional shelf life of the treated products.

Luster-On Powder NS

Luster-On NS is a chromate conversion coating for copper and copper alloys. It is used to prevent "spotting out" and to retard tarnishing. The material can be used on huffed copper or brass surfaces and thin electroplated brass or copper deposits, without destroying the Luster.

Hexavalent Chromates for Tin-Zinc Alloy

Luster-On Utility TZY

Utility TZY is a liquid product that will form uniform adherent chromate conversion coatings on tin-zinc alloy plated surfaces. Luster-On Utility TZY is suited to chromating deposits with a ratio of at least 75:25. Passivating the surface provides resistance to staining, tarnishing and white corrosion products. Surfaces so treated can be freely handled during assembly or packing without fingerprinting or staining. This yellow iridescent film meets or exceeds the requirements for automotive and military applications.

It provides an even chromate film over both high and low current density areas. Laboratory testing indicates that over 100 hours to first sign of white corrosion products can be ...

Hexavalent Chromates for Zinc-Nickel Alloy Plate

Luster-On Z-N 100

Z-N 100 is a concentrated liquid material which, when diluted with water, will produce a yellow chromate film on zinc/nickel plated surfaces. Depending upon the concentration, the color of the film will range from pale yellow to bronze. Properly prepared parts will meet all automotive specifications pertaining to corrosion resistant yellow chromate coatings on zinc/nickel alloy surfaces.

Hexavalent Chromates for Luster-On Finish Coat/Sealers

Luster-On Sealer 95/Torque Sealer 100 System

Luster-On Sealer 95/Torque Sealer 100 System is designed for use over Luster-On Tridescent trivalent chromate on fasteners to meet the specific torque and corrosion requirements for threaded fasteners of GMW 3044-G, The system may be used over alkaline non-cyanide, cyanide, chloride and mechanical zinc plated surfaces. When used as a complete system over Luster-On Tridescent, it will meet the torque tension and coefficient of friction requirements of the automotive industry as well as ELV requirements.

Luster-On Sealer 90C

Luster-On Sealer 90C is a water soluble product, which after application over chromated zinc plate, enhances the corrosion resistance of the ...

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