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Metal Finishing Specialties

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Specialty Black Finishes


Blakodize is a highly active, catalyzed formulation that produces a uniform, dense, black oxide coating on steel parts. The process operates at temperatures as low as 250 ºF to produce attractive coatings. Subsequent treatment with oils or waxes will increase abrasion and corrosion resistance, resulting in an attractive and economical finish.

Blakodize SS

Luster-On Blakodize SS produces a stable, adherent, and deep lustrous black oxide finish on stainless steel alloys. The appearance of the finish is dependent upon the condition of the base surface and the operating conditions of the product. Luster-On SS-B coatings, being stable and absorbent, provide a good base for organic finishes such as ...

Bright Dips

Luster-On Cobra 3LC

A liquid non-chromated bright dip for copper and copper based alloys. Removes oxides and scale with less fuming than conventional bright dips. Since Luster-On Cobra 3LC removes less metal than conventional bright dips; it offers longer solution life, less dumping, and reduced waste treatment costs.

Luster-On DEOX SS

A highly acidic liquid product which is effective as a pickle for removal of welding and heat treating scales from stainless steel. Luster-On DEOX SS rapidly restores stainless steel surfaces to their bright, scale-free condition.

Lacquers, Sealers and Waxes

Luster-On Sealer 90C

Luster-On Sealer 90C is a water soluble silicate sealer, which when applied over chromated zinc plate, enhances the corrosion resistance of the chromate film. A fluorescent dye can be incorporated in the sealer to aid in detection of the product on treated parts. The sealer can also be used to reduce the iridescence of chromate films. Both rack and barrel work can be processed through Luster-On Sealer 90C in either automatic or manual systems. Luster-On Sealer 90C is best applied in the final hot water rinse.

Luster-Lac 404

An aqueous polymeric emulsion designed to form a clear, protective film on metal surfaces. It is particularly well suited to the need for increased corrosion ...


Luster-On Kemo Dyes

A full range of dyes is available for use with Luster-On Chromate Conversion Coatings. An easy and economical method of providing decorative appeal or identification colors. Intensity of color depends on the plated surface, Luster-On chromate employed and nature of the dye. Contact the Luster-On Customer Service Laboratory or your Technical Representative for help with your particular application.


Luster-On Inhibitor M-2

Luster-On Inhibitor M-2 is a liquid addition agent for muriatic acid pickling and descaling solutions. Inhibitor M-2 prevents the attack of muriatic acid on steel, retards hydrogen embrittlement, reduces fuming, and prevents burning or pitting. Do not use prior to nickel plating.

Luster-On Inhibitor M-5

Luster-On Inhibitor M-2 is a powdered additive for muriatic acid pickling solutions. Luster-On inhibitor M-5 prevents attack of the base metal, retards hydrogen embrittlement, and improves the rinsability of the acid solution.

Miscellaneous Specialty Products

Chrome Strip Salts

A quick and efficient method of stripping chrome deposits from steel or iron. Surface is left clean and ready for re-plating. Used anodically.

Luster-On Wetting Agent

A liquid additive designed to reduce surface tension and increase the wetting action of the primary cleaner for difficult-to-clean applications.

Luster-On DCA

A liquid product for preparing and activating the surface of zinc based die casting prior to plating. This non-etching product is suitable for use on polished die-castings. Luster-On DCA is effective on all zinc die-cast alloys.

Luster-On Chromate Plus

Luster-On Chromate Plus is a water-soluble product, which after ...

Acid Salts, Descalers and Derusters

Luster-On 892E

A powdered acid product for descaling and pickling. Safe and easy to handle. Its inhibitor system provides clean, smut-free surfaces without base metal attack. Luster-On 892E is non-fuming and free-rinsing.

Luster-On 895

Luster-On 895 is a fast, safe, and easy to handle, powdered descaling and pickling acid. When used prior to electroplating, it insures a cleaner, smut free, surface for brighter more adherent deposits. Non-fuming and free rinsing, Luster-On 895 may be used on steel, copper, brass, zinc, magnesium or stainless steel. Luster- On 895 contains an active fluoride salt that enhances the descaling and activating qualities of the product. The safety of a dry powder makes Luster-On ...

Luster-On Paint Strippers

Luster-On Stripper RE

A highly alkaline powdered non-phenolic paint stripper that is formulated to remove rust, scale, oxides, paint, grease, oil, magnesium and steel in one application. Effective on acrylic, alkyd, lacquer, melamine, polyester and oil-based paints.

Luster-ON LNP

This highly alkaline liquid removes almost all types of painted finishes from steel, magnesium brass, and copper. The non-phenolic formulation eliminates phenolic disposal problems.

Luster-On 720

A highly alkaline liquid product effective in removing alkyd, acrylic, lacquer, melamine, polyester, and oil based finishes from steel or magnesium. It effectively cleans grease, oils, and carbonaceous soils.

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