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Item # 3892, Acid Salts, Descalers and Derusters

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Luster-On 892E

A powdered acid product for descaling and pickling. Safe and easy to handle. Its inhibitor system provides clean, smut-free surfaces without base metal attack. Luster-On 892E is non-fuming and free-rinsing.

Luster-On 895

Luster-On 895 is a fast, safe, and easy to handle, powdered descaling and pickling acid. When used prior to electroplating, it insures a cleaner, smut free, surface for brighter more adherent deposits. Non-fuming and free rinsing, Luster-On 895 may be used on steel, copper, brass, zinc, magnesium or stainless steel. Luster- On 895 contains an active fluoride salt that enhances the descaling and activating qualities of the product. The safety of a dry powder makes Luster-On 895 preferable to a concentrated liquid product.

Luster-On Kemflur

A powdered acid salt used as a replacement for hazardous liquid hydrofluoric acid. Used for pickling and deoxidizing of aluminum and other metals.

Luster-On AIDRX

Removes rust as efficiently and economically as cyanide-type derusters without the problems of cyanide waste disposal.

Luster-On Descaler AP

A highly alkaline, powdered material designed to remove rust, scale, oxides, paint, grease, oil, and conversion coatings in one application. Hydrogen embrittlement is eliminated due to the alkalinity of the material with excellent final results.

Luster-On S-3

Acid Cleaner is a liquid product used at full strength for removal of tarnish and oxides from brass and other copper based alloys. Cleaning with S-3 imparts some luster to the part and does not interfere with welding operations.

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