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Item # 3891, Miscellaneous Specialty Products

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Chrome Strip Salts

A quick and efficient method of stripping chrome deposits from steel or iron. Surface is left clean and ready for re-plating. Used anodically.

Luster-On Wetting Agent

A liquid additive designed to reduce surface tension and increase the wetting action of the primary cleaner for difficult-to-clean applications.

Luster-On DCA

A liquid product for preparing and activating the surface of zinc based die casting prior to plating. This non-etching product is suitable for use on polished die-castings. Luster-On DCA is effective on all zinc die-cast alloys.

Luster-On Chromate Plus

Luster-On Chromate Plus is a water-soluble product, which after application to yellow chromated surfaces, increases the strength and corrosion resistance of the yellow chromate film. Its unique chemistry hardens the chromate film, resulting in greater adhesion to the zinc surface. Parts may be processed in barrels or baskets with a reduction in scratches and wipe-off. Excellent for use with fasteners and sharp edged parts. On rack work, the Luster-On Chromate Plus provides increased uniformity, with a reduction in iridescence. Parts may be handled before drying without damage to the chromate film. Suitable for use in either automatic or manual systems. Luster-On Chromate Plus functions best when used in the final rinse, subsequent rinsing may lessen effectiveness.

Luster-On Zincate 2

A proprietary alkaline zincate concentrate developed to provide superior adhesion of electroplated deposits on aluminum. Zincate 2 is a liquid, cyanide-free formulation that features ease of make-up and operation. It is suitable for use under conventional electroplated coatings or may be used as a direct base coat for electroless nickel on aluminum.

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