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Item # item-1210, Drop - In - Liners

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For Fast Protection and Restoration
Lining new tanks or re-lining old ones, can be accomplished faster and with considerable savings, when you use flexible drop-in liners from F. C. Witt Associates Ltd.

These PVC liners are custom-made to fit the exact configuration of your tank or pit regardless of size and complexity. They can be used in structures of wood, steel, fiber glass and concrete - often without the need to even remove the old liner!

The most advanced liner design and fabrication techniques are employed in the construction of every WITT liner, including dielectric welding to insure seam integrity and the longest possible life.

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Food Grade PVC - 30 mil.
Oil Resistant PVC - 30 mil.

PVC - 1/8"

PVC - 12 mil.

PVC - 20 mil.

PVC - 3/32"

PVC - 30 mil.

PVC - 40 mil.

Tensile Strength

2200 psi


300 %


75± 5 Shore A

Maximum Temperature

Determined by type of service - up to 180°F possible cold

Average Cold Crack Temperature

-30 °F


All dielectrically welded seams. Custom manufactured for each specific tank. Only 55 gallon drum liners are carried in stock.

Get These Outstanding Advantages With WITT Drop-In Liners
  • Unexcelled Reliability - As a result of dielectrically welded seams.
  • Greater Convenience - Tanks do not have to be put out of service for lengthy periods of time or require removal for stripping and sand blasting or grinding. New liner may be installed over old lining or coating.
  • Reduce Cost - Savings range from 50% to 75% over other methods of lining.
  • Longer Service Life - Is often experienced even over much more costly lining methods due to superior material formulation and fabrication methods.
  • Easily Repaired - Should mechanical damage occur. No need to wait for expensive repair crews, since your own maintenance men can do the work easily, reducing down time.
  • Excellent Insulator - Helps save on fuel and eliminate stray currents in plating applications.
  • Low-Cost Tanks - Are possible when you build your own from steel channel and marine plywood or use mild steel where more costly stainless steel would otherwise be required. A WITT liner completes the job for less than half the usual costs.

Every application has its own unique characteristics which must be taken into account. WITT has the knowledge, experience and fabricating capabilities to handle your liner needs, including those for industrial and municipal pollution control, metal finishing, mining, chemical and petrochemical processing, electronics etching, food processing, paper mills and tanneries.

WITT drop-in liners are normally installed by the customer. However, where required, supervision is available.

Removing the old liner is not usually necessary. After the tank has been drained and thoroughly dried, the new liner can be "dropped in". The liner is not normally bonded to the tank. In installations where vigorous agitation is used, it may be desirable, however, to use some method of anchoring such as compression strips or adhesive to prevent any possible liner movement. Grommets and rope, nailing strip and nails, or clips are the three most common methods of securing the liner at the top.

Outlets and inlets are handled in one of three ways depending upon the nature of the tank:
1) Welded in at the time of fabrication
2) Field installed
3) Compression fittings.
Dams, wiers and overflows can be an integral part of the liner. Separate over flow setups are preferred and are available from F.C. Witt Assoc. Ltd.

We suggest contacting us or your local distributor before buying or building new tanks. Tank design with the liner in mind can reduce costs and improve the service life.

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